Congress Rules

Late arriving: more than 30 minutes
Such players will be deemed to have lost by default unless the Arbiter can re-pair them satisfactorily. Players whose opponents are late arriving should report to the Arbiter for re-pairing.

Players wishing to withdraw should inform a congress official beforehand.

Late entries
Late entries will be paired at the Arbiter’s discretion. Entries on the day – cash only, please – will carry a £10 surcharge.

Ungraded player prizes
The maximum prize money that can be won by any ungraded player in the Challengers, Major, Intermediate or Minor tournaments will be limited to 50% of the first prize for that event.

The organisers reserve the right to vary competition limits in the light of entry response. The organisers may refuse any entry, vary the prize money in the light of entry response or transfer a player to a different section. By entering the competition participants agree to the listing of their grade, name and club on this website.

In any dispute, the Arbiter’s decision will be final.