St George’s Church of England Foundation School
Broadstairs, Kent CT10 2LH

Welcome to the 2019 Thanet Chess Congress website. This year we are hosting the 50th Thanet Congress and to celebrate the occasion we have some special prizes planned. For our golden anniversary we shall be awarding a gold(ish) king to each winner of the five sections to keep. The kings (see above) are about six inches high and made of solid brass by John Couzens.  These are unique prizes that you will not find anywhere else so if you only enter one chess congress a year, this has to be the one.  We are continuing our policy of free entry to GMs and IMs and have repeated our offer successfully introduced last year of £5 entry for U16s. A large turnout for this special occasion is anticipated so early booking is advised.

We are also hoping that some of those who played in the first congress in 1970 will be able to join us, if not to play then to say hello and renew acquaintance with past entrants. This is an ideal opportunity to thank those who were the prime movers behind the first congress. Gordon Lloyd was the Controller in 1970 and for many years after while the congress was held at St Lawrence College where he worked. Many of you who have taken part over the years will remember two stalwarts of Thanet chess no longer with us to whom we are indebted: Mick Croft and Geoff Steele. Both were on the first committee and made enormous contributions to many congresses and Thanet chess in general over the years. 

You should find everything you need to know on this site – if not, please contact the Controller, Andy Flood (details below). In brief, the congress consists of the following:

  • five round Swiss
  • five sections: Open, Challengers (U171), Major (U151), Intermediate (U131) and Minor (U111)    
  • over £2,300 in prize money
  • FREE entry to GMs and IMs
  • Only £5 for U16s
  • ECF Grand Prix qualifier
  • SCCU and Kent individual championship 
  • online entry – now open
  • ample free parking
  • charity bookstall
  • modern, spacious venue

Controller: Andy Flood                                                                                                                     aflood@sspp.co.uk            tel. 01843 446255                                                                                                                                mob. 07880 724893

Arbiter: Kevin Thurlow