St George’s Church of England Foundation School

Broadstairs, Kent CT10 2LH

With a week to go until the 50th Thanet Chess Congress, final preparations are now taking place. The picture on the left shows the magnificent trophies just waiting to be won. Please remember that these are unique prizes and that unlike the usual cups and trophies that are returned at the end of the year, these are for the winners to keep. They look rather like Oscars lined up before the Academy Awards ceremony. Perhaps we should give them a similarly suitable nickname. As they were made by the John Couzens, someone who shall remain nameless claimed that “the obvious choice is a Johnny….”. Alternative suggestions please to Andy Flood. In addition to the…er…Johnnies, there is some very generous prize money, thanks to our sponsors; the congress is an ECF Grand Prix qualifier and both the SCCU and Kent Individual Championships are up for grabs.

We are continuing our policy of free entry to GMs and IMs and have repeated our offer successfully introduced last year of £5 entry for U16s, which resulted in a high class field of juniors. Once again, there will be a charity bookstall and this year our chosen charity is the Royal British Legion. If you have any unwanted old (or new) chess books that are cluttering up your house that you wish to discard, please bring some along and we will make them available for anyone who wants them in return for a donation in the charity box.

With this being the 50th Thanet Congress, we invited all those we could trace who played in the original 1970 congress to take part and I am delighted to say that six of those players have already signed up: Gordon Botley, David Horton, David Howdle, Zia Mehmet, Mick Micklethwaite and Michael Wiltshire. Furthermore, we are especially pleased that Gordon Lloyd, who was the instigator and controller of the first and many other Thanet Congresses, is also taking part. We are optimistic that there will be more but if anyone knows one of the 1970 originals, please pass on this information and contact details of the Controller, Andy Flood (see below).

Everything you need to know is on this site. If you have any questions, contact Andy. In brief, the congress consists of the following:

  • five round Swiss
  • five sections: Open, Challengers (U171), Major (U151), Intermediate (U131) and Minor (U111)
  • over £2,300 in prize money
  • FREE entry to GMs and IMs
  • Only £5 for U16s
  • ECF Grand Prix qualifier
  • SCCU and Kent individual championship
  • online entry
  • ample free parking
  • charity bookstall
  • modern, spacious venue

Controller: Andy Flood                                                                                                                     aflood@sspp.co.uk            tel. 01843 446255                                                                                                                                mob. 07880 724893

Arbiter: Kevin Thurlow